Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ok, You've decided to be a vendor, NOW WHAT!

OK, you've decided to be a vendor at The Upcycling Sophisticate Trunk Show or your thinking about being a vendor, Now WHAT?

Maybe you are in business to earn extra money, as a hobby, or this is your sole means of income, maybe you just started your venture or have been in business for many years, whatever the reason or the time you have been in business you can and will benefit from this show. If you think The Upcycling Sophisticate Trunk Show is only lateral one time income then let me share with you what we are about.

Speaking from 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, junking, direct sales, and being a vendor myself at varies venues when you are a home based business one of the hardest things to do is find a location to get your name in the public eye, to get your products seen, to get your brand in the hands of a group of customers or potential customers, and most of all get someone else to help you.

That's right I have been there done that (excuse the cliche) over the years I have successfully been in direct sales with one of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry working under the brand of an established company. I have opened and built several successful businesses from the ground up none of which were branded already so whats left to do but put on my thinking cap, turn to my marketing tools, and get my brand known. After spending many years going to venues, gathering contacts, building my brand or sharing in a direct sales brand, I now step out, stand in the gap, and are here to work for you and with you as a promoter of The Upcycling Sophisticate Trunk Show.

TUS Trunk show will advertise the event by running ads in print, radio, tv, mail outs, social media, but as always word of mouth is the best form of advertising and a flyer will be emailed to everyone to use on facebook and in email blasts to your customer base. You don't have a customer base yet, what better reason to be a part of the show. This is your time to build the base and grow your brand to obtain longevity in business. Did you know it cost more in advertising dollars to get a customer than it does to keep one? So you want to be in business years from now, now's the time to dive in and grow your customer base and your brand.

So let's lace up our running shoes (leave the heels, boots, foofoo, tutu's and pearls til show day)this is time to get down and dirt for a successful trunk show. In my upcoming post we will explore booth space planning, merchandising, marketing tools, and much much more all small parts of your success at The Upcycling Sophisticate Trunk Show.

Linda Bingham
The Upcycling Sophisticate

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We are growing our business so come join us!

We are growing our business and we want you to come join us. WOW! What a whirlwind first year and we are only halfway done :). TUS has been busy busy busy with lots of shows and have a full calendar for the fall. But wait that's not all we have added a trunk show to our list of accomplishments. Coming Nov. 23rd in San Angelo, TX, The Upcycling Sophisticate Trunk Show will kick off our newest addition to our business. We are looking forward to this event and are excited about the vendors we already have lined up. This will be an amazing show packed full of vintage, antiques, jewelry, clothing, handbags, handmade goodies, childrens boutique clothing, candles, home decor, just plain cool junk, and lots lots more! This is THE MUST GO SHOW for the fall. We look forward to the next few months and sharing all the wonderful wonderful vendors that will be here! So go right now and mark your calendar, 9-4 Nov. 23rd. San Angelo, TX. Well Fargo Pavillion. Free admission, but wait on Nov. 22nd from 7-9pm we will host a SNEAk PEAK PARTY that's right be the first in the doors and to get all those amazing treasures waiting to go home with you!!!!! Tickets are on sale now $15.00
pre-sale or $25.00 at the door. Click on the link above to order your discounted tickets now thru Nov. 21. 2013.

See Y'all There!

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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End Review

2012 Year end review.
It has been a whirlwind year with lots of highs and lows. 
Each day I am allowed to share with the love of my life Danny Bingham and our 4 wonderful children, our in laws in love and our 2 beautiful grandson and all our family is the best day ever.
Yet life sometimes takes us by storm. Last January we said goodbye to my Aunt Neita Ashford. Then to my great grandmother Grace Ashford/Palmer in March. Suddenly I found myself on the receiving end of some much happier days our son Laramey Weathermon came home from his marine life in CA Sunday afternoon April 1st. What an amazing surprise to see him walk thru the door and be home for good. On April 28th the 6th Annual Gospel Music Jamboree was another great success. Our two grandsons both turned 2 this year and yet as we celebrate their life we were saying our goodbyes to my grandmother Martha Fox in July another generation gone home. In the midst of it all God always shines his light so we don't lose our way. Danny and Harlan Harpool had their song "Headed Down to Texas" picked up by the tv series "Chasing UFO's" which aired in July what an awesome experience that has been. August I celebrated another birthday and my precious husband gave me a trip to CO to ride on the photographers train in Sept. It was the best experience ever but most of all while in CO God allowed us to pen another song for Him "Childhood Memories" and the next couple months we worked on the video and Danny's new CD release. I am so blessed to share a part of his music career as writer and co-writer. And as for myself this year has been a year of survival most of the time and I shifted my focus of photography to teaching a monthly class and am loving it. Then out of the blue after seeking and asking God to guide my path he directs me back to my creative passion and was born. I am looking forward to 2013 and following the path God lays before me. So to all my friends and family you are loved beyond measure and I pray a year full of blessing in 2013.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 25 Merry Christmas

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 25 Merry Christmas

Love this upcycle-recycle Christmas tree

Merry Christmas everyone, may your day be filled with many wonderful blessing as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Upcycling,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 24 Merry Christmas Eve

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 24 Merry Christmas Eve

What a wonderful Christmas Season this has been and we are on the Eve of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ so I am leaving you today with a photo I took of our nativity scene. Sometime upcycling can be as simple as turning a beautiful scene into an art piece or Christmas card. Let's remember the reason for Christmas and keep Christ at the center of the holiday.

May your days be filled with a love unlike no other. A love sent from above. 
Have a very Merry Christmas

Happy Upcycling

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 23

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 23

Borrowing from another blogger. I love this idea and it goes hand in hand with yesterdays sweater stockings.
Get the complete how to at Creating by Cami 

Happy Upcycling

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 22

Countdown 25 Days of Christmas Upcycling~Day 22

Do you have a collection of worn out sweaters like I do, after a couple years of wear they just don't fit anymore. Here is a great idea to upcycle and add to your Christmas decor.

Happy Upcycling